Why it matters: We've been hearing news of AMD eroding Intel's CPU market share for a while, and now another report suggests that Team Red is catching up on its rival. According to the results of a survey, 41 percent of participants now use AMD's processors.

The report comes from Jon Peddie Research, which partnered with Antikythera Intelligence and Research, and the Wccftech website. It surveyed visitors to the site, asking questions about graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, and virtual reality.

The October 2019 survey had 4,477 participants, producing 143,264 answers. You can read the full 55-page report here, but, as it's aimed at those within the industry, you'll have to hand over $9,000.

Wccftech revealed one interesting fact about the survey results: 41 percent of participants have AMD processors in their systems. The company will doubtlessly be pleased to see it catching up with Intel after years of being in Chipzilla's shadow, though we've already seen plenty of indicators that the tide has been turning recently.

AMD's fortunes started to change after its Zen architecture arrived two years ago. The company's market share has increased every quarter since Q2 2017, and its CPUs continue to dominate Amazon's best-selling processor list in the US, taking nine of the top ten spots. We also saw another survey in November that showed 60 percent of Europeans preferred AMD CPUs over Intel's---an increase of 50 percent over the previous two years.

One area where AMD's CPUs aren't faring quite as well is the Steam Hardware Survey. Its processors are used by just 16 percent of participants, way behind Intel's 84 percent, and the number of users declined 3.39 percent between November and December after months of growth.

With Ryzen 4000 desktop processors expected to launch in the second half of 2020, the future is looking bright for AMD.