What just happened? Password manager LastPass has recovered from what appears to be a service outage that affected users over the weekend. Reports of login issues surfaced on Twitter and Reddit as well as LastPass' official forums, prompting an investigation from the company, which now claims to have resolved the problem.

Password management services like LastPass provide convenience and security for maintaining our online presence. However, a technical glitch could translate into frustration for users who're unable to access their passwords at any given moment. Fortunately this seems to be have been an isolated event for LastPass (a service we often recommend along with 1Password), having affected a small percentage of users.

According to reports, some LastPass users experienced login problems with the service for the last 3 days. The problem affected home and enterprise customers who cite problems with LastPass's auth servers and reported the following error when trying to log in: "An error has occurred while contacting the LastPass server. Please try again later."

The company now appears to have solved the issue and recently updated its status page as well. "We have confirmed that the issue has been resolved completely and all systems are 100% operational at this time," notes LastPass, adding that an internal investigation of the issue will be conducted along with appropriate improvements to its systems for preventing or minimizing future recurrence.

Image credit: LastPass illustration by II.studio