In context: Most avid PC gamers will probably remember the tragic downfall of Telltale Games. Before its closure, the studio was best known for creating engaging, choice-driven adventure games across a wide variety of popular franchises, including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and more.

As part of the studio's shutdown, it was forced to pull some of its most popular games from Steam, including the entirety of the aforementioned The Walking Dead adventure series. Obviously, anyone who already owned the games was all set, but if you'd only just heard about the series after Telltale's shutdown, that news was probably a bit of a disappointment.

Fortunately, not all is lost for Telltale. Late last year, a team of industry veterans acquired the now-defunct studio's name and many of its former IPs. To prove their commitment to keeping Telltale's legacy alive, the team even went so far as to announce a sequel to their namesake's beloved "The Wolf Among Us" adventure series (based on the incredible "Fables" comic books).

Now, even more good news has arrived. A separate entity, Skybound Games (the folks responsible for finishing off The Walking Dead's story after Telltale closed its doors), has announced that it will be bringing the entire Walking Dead adventure game series back to Steam this week. That means Season 1, Season 2, A New Frontier, and The Final Season (Season 3) will all be available for purchase very soon.

Each product will cost $15, and a demo for The Final Season is available for download right now – a nice touch for anyone who lacks full confidence in Skybound's development chops.

While the Telltale fans once knew is gone for good, it's nice to see so many dedicated developers and industry pros work to keep the studio's heart and soul alive in some form.