In a nutshell: As technology becomes more advanced, children are finding more ways to take advantage of it. The latest trick involves using some of Apple's AirPods and a text-to-speech app to "talk" in class without the teacher realizing.

Those of a certain age may recall when throwing rolled up pieces of paper containing written messages was the best way of surreptitiously communicating in classrooms. In today's digital age, things are a lot more high-tech.

In a TikTok video from user Leilana that was shared on Twitter, two students, each with a pair of Apple's buds, show how to have a 'conversation' in class. It involves first swapping one AirPod with each other. Then, they use Google Translate to type a message and play it, allowing the other person to hear what is being said. While Google's software is used in the clip, any text-to-speech app should work fine.


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The method still requires students to use their phones without the teacher noticing, so why not just send text messages instead? But being able to essentially 'talk' to a friend in class without anyone realizing will doubtlessly be welcomed by bored kids, or even adults working in offices.

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