In brief: Valve is ringing in another new year, and the start of a new decade, the best way it knows how: with massive discounts on hundreds of PC games. Steam's latest Lunar New Year sale has kicked off, bringing a new meta event (of sorts), new rewards to earn, and plenty of savings to enjoy.

For better or worse, though, Steam's latest sale is essentially an exact copy of its last in terms of special event mechanics. Every day until January 27 (four days from now), Steam will give customers a small gift of "tokens," which are the currency used in the sale's "Lunar Night Market."

These token awards, as well as the things you can buy with them, are all about the same as they were during the Winter sale. Token-purchasable perks include animated chat stickers, chat room effects, a $5 coupon, a profile overhaul (which also colors your Steam name yellow), and animated full and mini profile backgrounds.

Every award, except for the animated chat stickers, expires on March 27, so don't spend too much time, money, or effort attempting to collect everything. However, if one or two of the rewards catch your eye, we should inform you that you'll accumulate 100 tokens per $1 spent on the store (in addition to the free daily token "gift").

That means you'd need to shell out $50 to get the $5 coupon or profile overhaul, but just $7 to get one of the animated profile backgrounds.

Long-time Steam fans may notice that the platform's sales events are getting less and less generous over time. Whereas Steam has previously offered customers free games, free coupons (with no spending prerequisites), fun minigames to partake in, and massive discounts to take advantage of, that hasn't been the case as of late.

Regardless, let's talk about what sort of savings you can expect this time. Fast-paced, demon-killing FPS Doom (the 2016 version) can be had for $6, which is 70 percent off its regular $20 price tag. The phenomenal and surreal cop RPG Disco Elysium is available for $31.99 (20 percent off), and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is 60 percent off, bringing its total price down to $23.99.

If you're looking for a game to scratch the Left 4 Dead itch, but have grown tired of zombies, Fatshark's Warhammer: Vermintide II might be right up your alley. It's 75 off at the moment, so for just $7.49, you and your buddies can hurl yourselves into battle against hordes of Skaven and Chaos Warriors.

Some other notable deals can be seen in the picture above, but if you'd prefer to discover them yourself, just boot up Steam, pull up the main store page, and start browsing.