Big savings: China's Lunar New Year begins today, and plenty of companies are taking advantage of the festivities to launch their own sales events. Steam kicked of its Lunar New Year sale a couple days ago, and now, GOG has followed suit. The digital distribution platform is ringing in the Year of the Rat with discounts on a wide array of DRM-free titles, ranging from aging classics to newer AAA experiences.

Unlike Steam, there aren't any meta-events or extra rewards to take advantage of here, but the deals themselves are significant enough that we wouldn't call that much of a downside.

In total, GOG currently boasts over 1,500 discounted games, some of which can be had for up to 90 percent off. Beginning with the usual suspects, you can grab The Witcher 3's Game of the Year Edition for a mere $15. Given that it's usual asking price is $50, and you're likely to get at least a few dozen hours of entertainment out of it, that's a pretty good value.

Never played the previous games in the franchise? GOG has you covered: the excellent Witcher 2 costs little more than pocket change at $2.99, and the original Witcher (its Enhanced Edition, to be specific) is even more affordable at $1.49.

Speaking of pocket change, if you're a stealth game fan with just a few bucks to spend, older games in both the Thief and Deus Ex franchises can be snagged for under $1 each. Thief 1, 2, and 3 are right around 97 cents, and Deus Ex 1 & 2 are priced similarly.

Keeping in line with this year's Lunar New Year mascot, the Rat, we feel obligated to toss a mention to Ghost of a Tale, which is 50 percent off right now ($12.49 in total). It's an adorable, yet dark semi-open world RPG in which you play as an intelligent mouse bard named Tilo in a medieval environment filled with danger, mystery, and – most importantly – evil rat antagonists.

If you've had your fill of fast-paced RPGs or sneaking around and want a slightly different experience, you might consider picking up Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It's an excellent, $16 D&D-like CRPG with in-depth character creation (and progression), a party-based Baldur's Gate-like combat system, and dozens of hours of content to keep you hooked.

As we said before, there are hundreds upon hundreds of discounted games for you to peruse over at GOG, and we couldn't possibly cover them all here. However, hopefully, we've given you an idea about the sort of deals you can expect to see the next time you boot up GOG Galaxy 2.0 (or visit the GOG website).