In context: Folding displays are all the rage these days, and we've seen many tech companies release or announce their own gadgets that utilize the technology. There's Lenovo's new ThinkPad, Samsung's Galaxy Fold, and Huawei's Mate X, to name a few. However, folding displays alone aren't radical enough for some of Apple's engineers.

A recent patent filed by Apple reveals a design for a curved Mac, built from a single sheet of glass. The device would be shaped a bit like an L, with the bottom portion built to hold a keyboard and touchpad.

The upper part may house the screen, a camera, and any other gadgets Apple sees fit to include. The angle of the Mac could be adjusted by using an included wedge, which would prop up (or lower) the back of the Mac.

The wedge could also serve as a place to house components, which could relieve some of the engineering difficulties that would arise from trying to shove a full PC into a piece of glass.

Since this is a patent, we obviously don't have any information on potential specifications, screen resolutions, unique features, or anything else of that nature. However, this idea is certainly intriguing, even if it probably isn't very feasible to develop with today's technology (at least, not for mass-market use).

We should also point out that patent applications are not necessarily a reliable way to determine what products a company is or isn't working on. Sometimes, ideas are patented to block competitors from swiping them, or to reserve the concept for far-future development.

Given how unusual this particular design is, we suspect it falls into the latter camp, so don't expect to be able to rush out and buy a curved Mac anytime soon.