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Some Intel CPUs are banned in Germany following patent dispute

The latest Raptor Lake and Meteor Lake chips are unaffected by the ban
What just happened? A court in Germany has issued an injunction against certain Intel processors in the country following a patent dispute against another US-based firm. In a case that could have far-reaching consequences for Intel's European business, a regional court in Dusseldorf ruled that many of Team Blue's older processor lineups infringe on a European patent held by a California-based company called R2 Semiconductor.
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Intel must pay $949 million to patent troll VLSI for an outdated chip patent

What just happened? In its ongoing battle against VLSI, a now-defunct manufacturer of custom integrated circuits (ICs), Intel must pay a hefty fine for infringing a patent granted almost two decades ago. A federal jury in Texas has once again ruled in favor of VLSI, a non-operating company belonging to private equity firm Fortress Investment Group, ordering Intel to pay $949 million. It's a sum the Santa Clara corporation doesn't want to spend for a technology that doesn't even work with their latest computer chips.