A common problem: Photography buffs are well aware of the struggles associated with trying to print out their work. More often than not, a color print ends up looking nothing like it does on your computer screen. Fade, oversaturation and different colors altogether are just a few of the many issues one might encounter.

And it's no surprise, really, considering how many variables there are with regard to printer, ink and paper choice alone.

BenQ believes its latest 4K monitor can help alleviate some of the issues photographers experience, saving both time and money.

The SW321C is a 32-inch display boasting what the company calls Paper Color Sync technology. This software works in conjunction with the display's hardware and uses an algorithm to help make on-screen images look how they will when printed out on a specific printer and type of paper.

BenQ's Paper Color Sync software currently supports four printers and three types of paper: the Canon PIXMA PRO-10 and PRO-100 as well as the Epson SurColor P600 and P800; and on the paper side, Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster and Photo Plus Semi-gloss and from Epson, the Velvet Fine Art Paper and Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper.

BenQ expects to add support for additional printers next month and make the Adobe RGB and sRGB color profiles available on the Epson P600, a rep told Tom's Hardware.

The BenQ SW321C is available from outlets like B&H as of writing priced at $1,999.99.