In a nutshell: If you always mean to get your favorite digital photos printed but usually forget, a new Google service could be for you. For a monthly fee, the company will automatically pick the best ten photos you've taken over the last 30 days and send them out as 4 x 6-inch prints.

9to5Google reports that the service is part of Google Photos and costs $7.99 per month. Rather than requiring users to choose which images they want printed, Google's algorithms will select them automatically.

Subscribers do have the option of prioritizing certain types of images by picking one of three themes for their monthly prints. These are 'Mostly people and pets,' which is pretty self-explanatory; 'Mostly landscapes,' covering the likes of outdoor shots, cityscapes, and scenery pics; and 'A little bit of everything,' combining the previous two categories along with other photos. Users can also edit the images before they're printed.

The printed photos come on matte, white cardstock with a 1/8 border and are delivered in a cardboard envelope. Google says they are "perfect to put on the fridge, in a frame, or to give as gifts to the important."

One of the services Google Photos offers is direct photo print ordering from Walmart or CVS, which starts at $0.25 each. That's cheaper than the $0.79 per print charged by the subscription service, but not having to choose the photos and getting them delivered will likely appeal to plenty of people.

The print subscription service is still in a trial period in the US. Those selected will get a "You're invited to the monthly photo prints trial" banner at the top of Google Photos on the web.