In context: AMD has big plans for 2020, which can be summarized as "doubling down" on beefier 7nm CPUs and GPUs. Asrock, who is known for its motherboards and PC hardware offerings, has seen its revenues soar thanks to gamers buying its AMD-based motherboards, so the company is expecting even bigger gains for the year ahead.

Asrock isn't the biggest player in the motherboard market, but the company may have found the perfect opportunity to boost its position within the industry by doubling down on motherboards with AMD chipsets.

Recently, the Taiwan-based manufacturer reported surprisingly strong revenue of NT$13.415 billion ($442.96 million) in 2019, a surge of 31.6 percent when compared to the previous year. According to a report from Digitimes, the company saw relatively poor sales during the first two quarters for its motherboards and graphics cards, followed by a very good third quarter where it registered a 110 percent increase in net earnings.

The improvements stem from AMD graphics cards becoming profitable towards the end of last year, particularly in the US and European markets. Couple that with higher demand for its IPC and server solutions, and Asrock found the right recipe for even better growth numbers in 2020.

Asrock is looking to ride the wave of PC gamers that are increasingly turning to AMD's processors, which is a good bet when you consider how the latter is preparing even more potent hardware for 2020.

AMD CEO Lisa Su recently confirmed that "Big Navi" and Zen 3 are indeed coming this year with a bang, which is why Asrock is going to dedicate more of its attention towards AMD-based solutions.

The motherboard market is valued at almost $13 billion in 2020 and expected to grow in the next five years. Asrock is betting a lot on its DeskMini PCs, particularly the ones based around AMD's A300 chipset. Then it also has the Phantom Gaming Radeon 5000 series of graphics cards up its sleeve. These efforts won't help it overtake the likes of Asus, Gigabyte or MSI, but they'll certainly give it a boost in the right direction.