What just happened? My Arcade last month announced the Super Retro Champ, a portable game console capable of playing your legacy SNES and Sega Genesis cartridges. Now, the company is launching its next handheld for even older games.

The standard Retro Champ allows gamers to play their favorite NES and Famicom cartridges on the go. The system features a 7-inch full color display, a built-in kickstand and an HDMI output for connecting to your television when at home. Controls are built right into the handheld although My Arcade notes that it is also compatible with their Super GamePad wireless controllers. Battery life is rated at 3.5 hours on the rechargeable battery.

There’s even an integrated mini cleaning kit so you can “take proper care of older cartridges.”

Amir Navid, SVP of product development and creative director at My Arcade, said they wanted to make a console that enabled collectors to quickly and conveniently test or play classic games and imports on the go.

Indeed, the Retro Champ would make testing cartridges at flea markets, garage sales, used game stores and pawn shops a breeze.

The Retro Champ is listed for $79.99 over on Amazon with an in-stock date of February 12. Conversely, you can nab the premium bundle as of writing which includes the handheld, two wireless controllers and a 12-foot HDMI cable for $109.99.