In brief: Typically, you have to wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holiday events to get the best deals on computer hardware. However, if you're looking for a decent budget video card, you can now snag EVGA's RTX 2060 KO for just $300 on Amazon.

This particular 2060 model was announced a while ago in response to AMD's almost identically-priced 5600 XT. Recently, it became available for purchase, meaning the Green and Red Teams are once again competing head-to-head in this price bracket.

As long as this price stays consistent, we'd consider the 2060 KO a pretty good value option for 1080p gaming. Though the updated 5600 XT (with AMD's boosted factory overclock speeds) outperforms it in some scenarios (and vice versa), based on our own benchmarks, the difference is typically not very noticeable.

You might assume, then, that your final decision should come down to personal preference, and that's true to an extent. However, as Steve pointed out in our recent AMD driver discussion piece, if we pit the 5600 XT against the RTX 2060 directly – which we intend to do soon – we'll have a tough time recommending the Red Team's contender, even if the performance difference between the two is minor.

Why? Well, through our own research and discussions with users, it's become clear that AMD's drivers have some pretty serious problems, and they've been present in some capacity since the launch of the earliest Navi cards seven months ago. We've seen widespread reports of driver crashes, black screen bugs, and flickering issues, to name a few.

AMD is doing its best to fix these problems, but we have no idea when complete patches will arrive. Until then, it might be best to go with the (for now) more stable Turing cards if 1080p gaming is your primary focus.

We're not saying RTX GPUs don't have issues – occasional driver bugs are, and probably always will be a problem on both sides of the aisle – but our own polling seems to suggest that they're currently less frequent and less severe among the latest Green Team GPUs.

If a $300 RTX 2060 does sound like your cup of tea, you can snag the 6GB EVGA KO model on Amazon right now. It comes with a "real boost clock" of 1680 MHz, and a free copy of Deliver Us The Moon, an RTX-enabled sci-fi adventure title. If AMD's driver problems don't scare you, multiple RX 5600 XT models can be found for $300 or less.

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