Something to look forward to: Hidden in beta iOS 14 code are several details on Apple's upcoming products that will be unveiled this spring. It looks like the company will indeed deliver a successor to the beloved iPhone SE, as well as an iPad Pro refresh with a better camera system, and 'AirTags.'

According to a string of code leaks from iOS 14 uncovered by 9to5Mac this week, Apple is preparing several hardware launches for this year. The discovery confirms some of the rumors we've seen over the past year and bringing new details about iPad Pro, iPhone 9, Apple TV remote and the ever elusive AirTags.

The most highly-anticipated of the new devices is the iPhone 9, which is meant as a spiritual successor of the iPhone SE, even though it will come in a larger case that will be similar in size to the iPhone 8. Best of all, it will include Touch ID and will support Express Transit mode, which allows the device to be used as a transit card for supported metros.

The new iPhone is now in the validation stage and will soon enter mass production, but it wouldn't be a surprise if it turns out to be in short supply for a while, especially since most people will hunt it for the rumored starting price of $399. Apple is reportedly moving forward with all product launches as planned.

iPadOS 14 code has revealed some of the upcoming features for Apple's tablets, such as full mouse cursor support. The upcoming iPad Pro will include a triple camera system similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, meaning an array consisting of wide-angle, ultra-wide, and telephoto shooters.

A time-of-flight sensor will also be included, which is going to enhance the computational photography capabilities of the new iPad, not to mention its potential for augmented reality apps. Apple is supposedly also building a new keyboard accessory with a trackpad, but that will most probably make an appearance later this year.

There are signs of a new Apple TV in the works, but the designation in iOS 14 code mostly indicates an internal prototype. A new TV remote is also in the works, but there's nothing to indicate what features it will have. What's certain is that Apple needs a less expensive version of the Siri Remote that can compete with alternatives like Salt Fiber's more traditional design.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a Tile-style tracking fob for a while now, and it looks like the company is getting ready to launch it. iOS 14 code shows that 'AirTags' will have a user-replaceable battery, and users will be able to track them through augmented reality in addition to following its sound.