Why it matters: Live streaming has long been a stalwart of Windows PC gaming. However, Streamlabs OBS is trying to let Mac users in on the fun. While there are streaming software options for macOS, Streamlabs OBS seems to be a much more streamlined way of doing it.

Streamlabs, a subsidiary of Logitech, announced today that it is launching popular streaming software Streamlabs OBS as an open beta on macOS. Live streaming has long been a staple of PC gaming on Windows and now macOS users will be able to participate.

"Our goal is to bring the best live streaming tools to everyone," said Ali Moiz, General Manager of Streamlabs. "Creating tools for the growing community of live streamers, musicians, artists and teachers on Mac enables us to help them succeed while building out our product offerings on an even larger scale."

Streamlabs OBS (the forked brother of OBS Studio which is already available on macOS) incorporates many streamer-friendly features all in one interface such as overlays, widgets, moderation tools, chat features, and even an online storefront for streamers to sell merchandise. Those who already use competing products can import their settings to Streamlabs OBS if they choose to do so.

Of course, many in our audience will recognize that gaming on macOS, while possible, isn't the greatest experience since most games are tailored to work on Windows. People who utilize streaming software on a Mac will likely use it for streaming non-gaming content such as live podcasts or musical performances. Still, this is a good way for people to get in on the streaming craze without having to switch platforms.

"By introducing a Mac client into the mix, Streamlabs is bringing its user-friendly software to an entirely new audience, and in doing so, will usher in a wider variety of content to the streaming ecosystem," said musician and Twitch streamer Dan Lambton.

Streamlabs' announcement comes at a pivotal time when many people are quarantined in their homes due to shelter-in-place orders. This has naturally led to a rise in internet usage and streaming in particular. Popular video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have seen a tremendous rise in downloads with Microsoft in particular seeing a astronomical 775 percent increase in cloud services usage.

That said, this is probably the best time to take advantage of tools like Streamlabs OBS or regular OBS if you're looking to becoming a streaming star.