Editor's take: It's anyone's guess as to how much longer this whole ordeal will last but it's almost a guarantee that it'll leave a lasting scar on society and how we go about things moving forward. For example, I wouldn't be surprised if massive gatherings like tech conferences turn increasingly digital and working from home becomes a bit more commonplace.

Business-focused and video conferencing apps are seeing record growth as work from home policies, social distancing measures and government mandated lockdowns continue to grip the globe in an effort to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

Between March 15 - 21, video conferencing apps like Hangouts Meet and Houseparty realized explosive growth across numerous countries as observed by app market data and insights company App Annie. In the US, for example, Hangouts Meet was downloaded 30x more than the weekly average during Q4 2019 in the US.

Houseparty was equally as popular in France as downloads were up 30x during the same period. The app really shined in Spain and Italy, however, as growth mushroomed by 2360x and 423x in these regions, respectively.

During the week of March 14 - 21, global downloads of business-minded apps topped 62 million across Google Play and the App Store. The growth represents an increase of 45 percent over the previous week and up 90 percent from the weekly average across all of 2019 in the business app category.

Masthead credit: Africa Studio