In brief: Samsung's aggressive marketing for its Galaxy flagships is usually accompanied by even more tempting price drops following the devices' launch. The company's latest program offers S20 buyers a 50 percent guaranteed buy-back, provided they return the device in good condition within a period of two years.

The Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra 5G raised the bar even higher for Samsung phones but their exorbitant starting prices didn't do them much favor in terms of sales. Another hindrance in getting them off the shelves this year has been the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that contributed towards a 50 percent decline in sales over the S10 within Samsung's home market alone.

The company has now come up with a new buy-back program for the S20 that makes it easier for buyers to digest the initial cost with a guarantee of getting half their money back if they return the device in good condition and within two years of use.

The fully-specced S20 Ultra, for instance, could net you back $799.99 after 24 months of use, which remarkably is what a new flagship phone cost just a few years back. This amount is also higher than what Samsung phones usually fetch in the second-hand market and brings some peace of mind to buyers worried about high depreciation, as long as they're able to satisfy Samsung about their device's condition at the time of return.

The S20 lineup also received a big discount on Amazon and Best Buy recently, which shed $200 off the asking price. However, buyers won't be able to avail both of these offers at the same time and would need to pay the standard price to qualify for the buy-back program.