In a nutshell: Working from home certainly has its advantages, but being isolated and away from colleagues can lead to loneliness and even depression. To help alleviate these feelings, a website recreates the sounds of a typical office.

As per The Verge, lets you experience the noises familiar to most office workers. Hit play at the bottom left of the screen to get things started, and you'll experience the sound of ringing phones, the watercooler, faint conversations, and more---there's even a ping-pong table.

The site also lets visitors select the number of 'colleagues' walking around this virtual office. Picking just one makes everything a lot quieter, naturally, while those used to a noisier environment can push it up to ten.

If, for some reason, you're already nostalgic for specific office sounds, the site lets you click on objects to hear them. Select the photocopier for some whirrs and beeps; click on a person to hear whistling, humming, or a indiscernible conversation; or choose the water cooler for what sounds like someone urinating.

The site is the work of Kids Creative Agency, which is described as "dedicated to making organizations more agile and innovative by designing the right culture."

While some will be happy to be suddenly working from home, those of us who have done it for years can attest to its negative elements. For people starting to miss their colleagues and the feeling of being in a busy workplace, the site might be of some help. If only it could replicate the faint smell of body odor, farts, and coffee breath.

Image credit: Monkey Business Images via Shutterstock