Everyone knows Fortnite, but do you know what it takes to put such a game together? By leveraging tools like Unity and Blender (both free to download for personal use) you can create your own game, you just need the right guidance and put in the time to learn.

This 9-level course will take you from absolute zero to Battle Royale hero. You'll build a PC multiplayer game from scratch using game engine Unity. You'll get a walk through the entire process of designing, coding, 3D modeling, and level design until you have a complete, polished product.

This game development masterclass has been divided in 10 sections as taught by a seasoned game developer with several titles under his belt. Highlights include:

  • 301 lectures & 55 hours of content
  • Code in C# & navigate the Unity game engine
  • Learn how to use artificial intelligence in the games you make
  • Gain the tools to make any weapon your game needs
  • Make an unforgettable & unforgiving game arena
  • Set up a local game and a global server with player vs player support

Unity is one of the most widely recognized game development platforms supporting 3D and 2D games across mobile, desktop, VR/AR and consoles. Likewise, Blender is like an open-source version of Maya, a Swiss Army knife of 3D creation.

The Build a Battle Royale game dev pack is currently 92% off its full price, down from $199 to just $14.99 for a limited time.

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