Unity Game Engine 2018.2.11

Unity 2018 introduces all new features that help teams of artists and developers build experiences together.

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Powerful new tools, such as Timeline and Cinemachine, empower artists to create cinematic content and gameplay sequences without the need of an engineer. Creators can now spend more time doing, less time queueing.

Unity Personal

For beginners, students and hobbyists who want to explore and get started with Unity. Completely free — no royalties, no credit card required You fully own any content you create

Everything you need to get started

Unity Personal is a great place for beginners and hobbyists to get started. It includes access to all core game engine features, continuous updates, beta releases, and all publishing platforms.

Start creating

Move efficiently from prototyping to full production with a truly flexible editor and intuitive workflows supported by tons of tutorials and ready-made assets to guide your learning and development.

Work with the latest

Continuous updates allow you to develop with all the latest and most advanced features for high-end visuals, audio, animation, physics — everything you need to make any kind of game.

Build for all audiences

Target more devices more easily — with Unity, you can build once and deploy to the largest range of mobile, VR, desktop, Web, Console and TV platforms in the industry with a single click.

What's New:


  • (1069175) - Asset Import: Added the callback AssetPostprocessor.OnPostprocessMeshHierarchy, which allows you to modify the imported hierarchy before proceeding to import the avatar and animation clips.
  • (1069203) - Editor: Fixed an issue were you could not cancel from the Revert Layout window once it was open.
  • (1061477) - Graphics: Fixed flickering on objects when dynamic batching is enabled (case 1061477).
  • (1067685) - Graphics: Fixed SRP Batcher crash on Win7 + SP1 ( Book of the Dead ).
  • (1033948) - OSX: Fixed issue with delete key and special keys inputing garbage characters in text fields.
  • (1052530) - Android: Fixed an issue on Android with the Auto and Never blit types causing a blank scene to be displayed.
  • (1054584) - Build Pipeline: Fixed stripping objects from disabled modules resulting in crashes in generated builds.
  • (1052180) - Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundleManifestPath not working when building scenes asset bundles.
  • (1056461) - Editor: Fixed case of "Callback registration failed kMaxCallback" error.
  • (1071436) (1071189) - Editor: Fixed CSharpNamespaceParser backport classname parsing.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed gui view refresh after resizing views on linux.
  • (None) - Editor: Fixed keyboard inputs on popups and dropdowns within the Editor on Linux.
  • (1030337) - Global Illumination: Fixed Assertion '(srcInfo.GetChannelMask() & copyChannels).
  • (None) - Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock when using Graphics Jobs and uploading textures which require processing i.e. crunch decompression, scaling, padding.
  • (1066405) - IL2CPP: Prevented a memory leak in delegate unsubscription with the new script runtime.
  • (1068657) - IL2CPP: Prevented a crash in il2cpp::os::Image::Initialize when Unity is embedded in another app on iOS.
  • (1047005) - Input: Fixed cursor resuming locked state after ALT+TAB (Command + Alt).
  • (None) - Kernel: Added in-range detection for pens on Windows.
  • (None) - Kernel: Made ProjectWindowUtil.CreateAssetWithContent public again (was accidentally reverted to internal).
  • (None) - Kernel: Removed automatic device reset on focus loss and add support for explicit device reset IOCTL.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed HIDs sometimes getting picked up twice on OSX.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed various incorrect orientations of scroll and delta Y values.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed mouse coordinates in OSX and Windows player.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fixed mouse coordinates not respecting HighDPI in Windows editor.
  • (None) - Kernel: Improved ArchiveStorageHeader::ReadString() performance.
  • (1030576) - Linux: Fixed a race condition in thread creation in Linux.
  • (1049050) - OSX: Fixed not being able to reliably set screen resolution from script on first Update.
  • (1033341) - Particles: Fixed particle jobs running when baking meshes.
  • (1054584) - Particles: Fixed legacy particles module being disabled by default.
  • (1041509) - Physics: Fixed experimental multithreaded 2D physics not solving joints the same as non-threaded 2D physics.
  • (1062155) - Physics: Fixed an issue where trigger events may not be fired if collider/triggers change local scale only.
  • (1064472(1054444)) - Physics: Fixed a crash triggered by changing cook option on a deactivated mesh collider.
  • (1051325) - Timeline: Fixed keyframing in Timeline when OS is set to non-US cultures.
  • (1061507) - XR: OpenVR trackpad axes are reported as 0 on the frame they are pressed.
  • (1066060 (1036422)) - XR: Fixed unneeded.dll created for Audio Spatializer when built for Standalone.
  • (1042946) - XR: Fixed UnityEngine.XR.InputTracking.GetNodeNames returning null when a valid uniqueId is given.

New Features

  • 2D: [Experimental] Added experimental API to support Sprite animation.
  • 2D: [Experimental] Added the ability for you to add functionality for Sprite editing in the Sprite Editor Window.
  • Android: Added a new interface, IPostGenerateGradleAndroidProject, with a callback that Unity calls after it generates the Android Gradle project, but before it builds it.
  • Android: Added a new setting, Sustained Performance Mode, which sets a predictable, consistent level of device performance over longer periods of time without thermal throttling.
  • Android: Added ARM64 (also known as AArch64) experimental support.
  • Animation: Added Position Constraint, Rotation Constraint and Scale Constraint components.
  • Animation: Added new Parent Constraint component.
  • Animation: Added the Aim Constraint component.
  • Animation: Added weighted tangent support to AnimationCurve.
  • Animation: Constraint Activation:
  • Animation: Constraint Creation:
  • Asset Import: Added support for importing Aim constraints from FBX files.
  • Asset Import: Added support for importing Parent Constraints from FBX files.
  • Asset Import: Added support for importing Point, Orient and Scale constraints from FBX files.
  • Asset Import: Added OnPreprocessAsset callback in AssetPostprocessor (also see API changes) .
  • Asset Import: [Experimental] Added experimental API to generate Textures/Sprites from Importer Settings.
  • Audio: Added Google's Resonance Audio plug-ins.
  • Build Pipeline: Added ability to store and retrieve GameObject references by name through EditorBuildSettings.
  • Build Pipeline: Added new API for changing platform icons. It supports platform-specific icon types and multi-layer icons. See documentation on PlayerSettings.SetPlatformIcons for more information.
  • Build Pipeline: Added new BuildReport API. Building Players and AssetBundles now returns a BuildReport object that allows you to query information about the build process and outputs.
  • Build Pipeline: Android Build & Run now has target device selection in Build Settings. This allows you to deploy to either a specific single device, or to all supported devices simultaneously.
  • Cache Server: Added -CacheServerIPAddress command line argument to connect the Editor to specified Cache Server on startup.
  • Editor: Added a Clear on play button to the Unity Profiler window.
  • Editor: Added a preset class that allows you to save serialized information about a GameObject to a .preset Asset, and apply it later to the same GameObject type.
  • Editor: Added new ObjectFactory API that allows you to create a GameObject using default values. See Scripting API and documentation on Presets for more details.
  • Editor: Added Templates for 3D, 2D, 3D with Extras (Preview), Lightweight (Preview), Lightweight VR (Preview), and High Definition (Preview) to streamline the new user experience with Scriptable Render Pipeline features, as well as to define better starting points for graphical, player, and lighting settings.
  • Editor: Unity now compiles Assembly Definition File (asmdef) assemblies on startup, before any other scripts (such as Assembly-CSharp.dll), and does not stop compilation on the first compile error. Uniy loads all asmdef assemblies that succesfully compile and have all their references compiled, then compiles the remaining scripts (Assembly-CSharp.dll and friends). This ensures that Unity packages are always built and and loaded, regardless of other compile errors in the Project.
  • Editor: When running PlayMode and EditMode tests in batch mode, you can now specify which scripting back-end to use, via a Test Settings file.
  • GI: Progressive Lightmapper is now out of preview!
  • GI: [Experimental] Added experimental API for baking sky occlusion in Progressive Lightmapper. The sky occlusion value for a given input position defines what fraction of the sky is visible for that point. It takes into account any static GameObjects. The sky occlusion allows you to apply the correct amount of sky lighting to GameObjects that are otherwise hard to lightmap, such as trees and foliage.
  • GI: [Experimental] Added new experimental C# interface to pass light information to the GI baking back-ends.
  • Graphics: Added dynamic resolution support for Playstation 4.

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