Something to look forward to: id Software's first free major update for Doom Eternal is arriving soon and will bring several enhancements to the game's single player and Battlemode experience with optimized tutorials, improved matchmaking, bug fixes and more.

Doom Eternal makes for quite an intense workout, thanks to finely-tuned shooting mechanics and buttery-smooth gameplay that lets players slay demons at breakneck speeds. The formula also makes for great replayability as it pushes players to engage in campaign reruns with higher difficulty settings and unlock the rewards that come with it.

While a few are still irked by the Marauder, many have become masterful in demon slaying as evident by all those Ultra-Nightmare walkthroughs on YouTube. They can now look forward to polishing their skills further by taking down 'Empowered Demons' that will invade their campaigns as part of Doom Eternal's first major update.

Empowered demons can already be found in the game, usually prompting players to prioritize a nearby Buff Totem or an Archvile in order to reduce their threat. The new update, however, will beef up a demon once they've killed a player in their campaign and transport it to another player's game where they can avenge their fellow Slayer and receive lots of health, ammo and bonus XP for being able to do so.

It remains to be seen if the beefing up is done just once or whether a demon eventually becomes nearly unbeatable after it has managed to defeat multiple Slayers in succession.

In other areas of the campaign, players will notice improved demon tutorials, dash movement in water and changes to toxic damage taken while swimming. The update also brings Denuvo anti-cheat features to the game's multiplayer Battlemode, tweaked tutorial walkthroughs, poor network connection indicators, a death report screen and better matchmaking for players who've attained max level.

While the update is expected to arrive soon, id Software is also working on the game's Invasion mode that lets players invade other people's campaign and also teased screenshots of two levels from the game's upcoming story mode expansion.

Doom Eternal is planned to get two story-mode expansions as part of its Year One Season Pass and it remains to be seen if the first one bridges the story gap between Eternal and Doom 2016.