The big picture: Hulu is testing a new co-watching feature that allows up to eight people to simultaneously view a TV show or movie and participate in a group chat. With pandemic containment efforts remaining in effect for millions of people and many theaters still closed for business, remote co-watching apps and features like this are picking up momentum.

Hulu Watch Party, as the service is being called, is available to try from today via Hulu's website for subscribers of its $12 per month no-ads plan as well as those that have a live TV subscription. Note that each and every participant must at least be a subscriber to the $12 tier to join in.

The streaming provider notes that participants must also be at least 18 years of age or older to join a Watch Party session.

Once you've joined a session, you'll be able to independently pause the action at any time (to take a bathroom break or make a snack run, for example) without disrupting everyone else. Simply hit the "Click to Catch Up" button when you're ready to rejoin everyone else.

Hulu Watch Party is available to try from today via Hulu's website, no special browser plug-in required. Just check for the "Watch Party" icon on the details page of the show or movie you want to watch to get started or follow the link given to you by friends and family.

Image credit: Antonio Guillem