In brief: Do you like that Google Meet section right below your folders in Gmail? No? Well you can turn it off now. Yesterday Google began adding a setting that will hide Meet. It hasn't reached all users yet, but will over the next couple of weeks. If you want to know how to turn it off, keep reading.

In April, Google made its "Meet" application available to the general public. The video conferencing app, launched in 2017, was previously only available to G Suite users as a business-oriented alternative to Google Hangouts.

When the search giant made Meet more widely available, it integrated the web version into Gmail. You can find it at the bottom of the sidebar. The category includes links to start or join a meeting.

Not all users are fond of the addition, though. If you use many folders, the Meet app takes up space and shortens your visible list. Others don't like it because they either do not use video conferencing or have an alternative solution to Meet.

Because of the negative feedback, Google has added the ability to hide Meet from the Gmail web app, which started rolling out on Wednesday. Disabling Meet is very easy. You do it the same way that you turn off Chat.

Click Settings (gear icon) in the upper right of any Gmail page. In the dropdown menu, select "Settings." On the Settings screen, find the heading "Chat and Meet." Click that option, and you will see self-explanatory toggles for both the Chat and the Meet apps. Alternatively, you can simply click here to get to the options if you are currently logged into your account.

If you do not see this setting, be patient. Google said it would be "gradually" implementing it on all accounts over the next two weeks. Why it did not include this setting in the first place is anybody's guess. It probably wanted to see if it could capitalize on the work-from-home push.

Image credit: Jasni