Bottom line: With the on-site portion of Summer Games Done Quick now off the table, speedrunners will compete from the confines of their homes and the whole thing will be broadcast over the Internet. The rescheduled in-person event was supposed to take place in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Organizers for Games Done Quick announced on Friday that the summer installment of the speedrunning marathon for charity will now be an online-only event due to the situation surrounding Covid-19.

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 was originally slated to take place June 21 through June 28 but organizers in March rescheduled the event in hopes of buying more time for the pandemic to play out.

In the interim, the group held a special Corona Relief Done Quick marathon in mid-April to benefit those impacted by the virus. The online event raised just north of $400,000 over its three-day run - a respectable figure, no doubt, but far less than the $3.16 million that Awesome Games Done Quick (the winter version of GDQ) generated in January.

SGDQ 2020 Online will adhere to the original schedule, kicking off at 11:30 a.m. Eastern on August 16. You can tune in to all the action over on GDQ's Twitch channel. All proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian medical organization that helps people in conflict zones and those affected by endemic diseases.