A hot potato: Activision delayed CoD: MW's Season 4 by nearly a week due to ongoing protests in the US. With the content drop going live today, many players are likely preparing their PCs and consoles to brace for impact as they clear up some more disk space to download GBs of data, something which they have been doing since the game's first update. Although Season 4's file size is still pretty big at 32 GB+ on the PS4, 45 GB+ on PC, and 44 GB+ on Xbox, the latter platform is seeing almost twice the download size for some players because of a bug that's now being investigated by Activision Support.

Many CoD players are excited about Modern Warfare's Season 4 launch as the update finally lets them put Captain Price's boots on the ground in the game's Warzone and multiplayer modes. The new operator arrives alongside two new weapons (Vector and Galil), weapon blueprints, and other content to be unlocked in Season 4's 100 levels, in addition to new maps and modes expected in this update.

The game has been criticized from day one due to its huge install size and the large content drops haven't done it any favors, either, requiring some players to delete entire games from their systems to make space. The concern was addressed recently by Infinity Ward's Ashton Williams who said that the Season 4 update will only take 4GB of additional disk space, for a game that's pushing nearly 200GB on PCs and consoles.

She also hinted at smaller file sizes for future patches and advised console players to uninstall content packs which they're not playing to free up disk space. Season 4's rollout, however, has not been as smooth as the developers would have liked as the update is causing some Xbox players to download 84 GB+ of files.

Several users have taken to Reddit to report the issue and Activision has confirmed that it's actively investigating the "larger than expected download size" on Xbox.

It remains to be seen how Activision can address this problem as many Xbox players would have already begun their downloads and are unlikely to choke their home internet again for a new patch. As of right now, the only fix for them is to wait, make some coffee or tea, and let the download complete on its own.