In brief: AMD B550 motherboards are supposed to be a more budget-friendly option for gamers looking to get more value for their money, but it turns out they'll cost upwards of $114.99 - and some models even touch on X570 price territory. AMD and motherboard manufacturers like MSI are already trying to sweeten up the deal for people who will buy a motherboard and CPU combo by offering you up to $60 in Steam credit.

We already know from manufacturers like MSI that AMD X570 motherboards will cost a pretty penny, so naturally some people will want to gravitate towards the mid-range, B550 variants, which leave some more cash to put towards a beefier CPU, perhaps even a Zen 3 one if AMD can keep its promises.

Several B550 motherboards have started to show up on the horizon (spotted by Tom's Hardware), and the full lot of over 60 variants is expected to officially become available on June 16. Now we only have Newegg listings to look at, but this already offers a relatively clear picture of the kind of prices you can expect to pay for a shiny new B550 motherboard.

Depending on what you want in your motherboard and the specific system you're building/upgrading, there are several models ranging from mini-ITX to microATX and standard ATX sizes. Price-wise, you'll have to pay at least $114.99 for a basic ASRock variant with an 8-phase power delivery subsystem, two M.2 slots, and 2 PCIe slots (with PCIe 4.0 support on the top PCIe slot and M.2 slots). If you want onboard Wi-Fi capabilities, you're going to have to pay at least $10 more for the privilege.

With mini-ITX motherboards you get two RAM slots for up to 64 GB of RAM, and you can expect to pay upwards of $199 to get the more compact design. ATX and microATX variants offer four slots for a total of up to 128 GB of RAM. If you want a primer on how to decide between various configurations of RAM modules, you can read our guides here.

So far, the most expensive B550 motherboard is the $299 ASRock Taichi model, which offers a beefed-up power delivery subsystem with 16 phases, which is especially useful for those of you looking to do some overclocking. However, at this price point you might as well wait on a deal to snatch an X570 motherboard.