Through the looking glass: As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end." This, inevitably, includes the creation of music from your favorite band or performer. Whether the result of creative differences, an untimely passing or something else entirely, Father Time always wins. But what if artificial intelligence could intervene?

YouTuber Funk Turkey has been experimenting with this very proposition, feeding band lyrics to an AI and asking it to write an entirely new song based on the output. The results are, well... interesting, to say the least.

In the most recent example, lyrics from various Nirvana songs were scraped from Genius and pumped into the AI. The result is a track Funk Turkey calls Smother.

Notably, all music and vocals were performed, mixed and mastered by the creator in his kitchen using on-hand equipment and an old copy of Pro Tools. The vocals were "doubled, slightly compressed, and run through an emulated reel-to-reel and tube saturation for a bit of extra warmth and grit," we're told.

The resulting lyrics are as nonsensical as what you'd expect and in line with efforts to create AI-based screenplays.

Similar efforts from the YouTuber utilize Nickelback and Metallica (my personal favorite) to create additional mock tracks.

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Masthead credit: Kindersps