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European Commission fines Apple almost $2 billion over music streaming subscription policies

What just happened? Spotify has spent five years accusing Apple's music streaming subscription policies of being anti-competitive, and the European Union just ruled overwhelmingly in Spotify's favor. Apple argues that it deserves a cut for its role in Spotify's success. Meanwhile, another battle looms between the companies over sideloading and new fees.
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Over one million LEDs light up Sphere, Las Vegas' incredible new attraction

The inside is just as amazing
In brief: There is lots to see and do in Las Vegas, and in September this year, what could become the city's biggest attraction will open: the largest spherical building in the world, one packed with programmable exterior LEDs that can display incredible visuals. Inside, visitors will be able to watch music concerts, film events, and some sports while experiencing the 250-foot-high wrap-around interior screen.
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Vinyl outsells CDs for the first time in 35 years with 41 million records sold in 2022

Editor's take: Vinyl record sales are booming. It's hard to nail down the recent trend. Collectors trying to grow their collections, audiophiles preferring the richer sounds from analog recordings, and the sometimes fantastic album art the large discs come with all contribute to the phase. Whatever the case may be, the record industry isn't complaining.