What just happened? Acer as part of its new product showcase on Tuesday introduced a far tamer piece of gaming furniture than what the company rolled out late last year with the Predator Thronos Air. Acer had a surprise announcement near the end of its online event - an energy drink.

The Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM, designed for pro gamers and esports enthusiast alike, packs a couple of features not often found in traditional gaming chairs. Integrated massage technology from Osim (the company that bought Brookstone before it fell on hard times in 2018) emulates "the agile hands of a professional masseuse on the user's neck and shoulders."

It comes with three pre-programmed settings, the option to enable spot massaging and adjustable rollers to better match the height of the user. The seat reclines up to 145 degrees, we're told.

Acer has also baked in a pair of Bluetooth speakers in the chair's headrest to "intensify gaming immersion without the hassle of a headset."

The chair additionally features black carbon fiber patterned PVC leather with teal and metallic dark grey accents. And, it's compatible with the aforementioned Predator Thronos Air should you want to use it with that funky contraption.

Curiously enough, Acer didn't share a target launch date or MSRP.

The Predator Shot, meanwhile, is loaded with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B and Lutein, a carotenoid typically found in leafy veggies like spinach and kale that is said to be good for the eyes.

Energy drinks - even gaming-focused brands - aren't anything new. Bawls Guarana first debuted nearly 25 years ago and quickly found a following among gamers. It's still available in select stores and supermarkets to this very day, despite relinquishing much of the energy drink market share to competitors like Red Bull and Monster.

No word yet on when Acer plans to launch its energy drink, either.