Bottom line: Google's latest redesign for the Photos app is focused on simplifying the user experience. There's now a refreshed, flat icon with rounded corners, an easier-to-use three-tab structure for browsing photos and videos, and a new interactive map under search to let users know where they've been making memories around the globe.

Google Photos arguably remains the company's most successful app to date. Over the years it has been receiving popular, useful features to keep things interesting and help users manage their digital memories.

The app's latest update arrives with a major redesign that simplifies the logo and user interface. The original pinwheel icon gets rid of its pointy, authentic corners in favor of flat, rounded ones to align with Google's design language.

The app's main screen, meanwhile, replaces the current version's four bottom tabs with a new three-tab structure to allow for more content on the screen. The Photos tab will now show bigger thumbnails with reduced white space between items and a larger Memories carousel on the top.

This section will now show more content from users' close friends and family and provide better control over what they see and share.

Included under the Search tab is a new interactive map, which Google says has been one of the most-requested features since the app's launch. Users will now be able to pinch and zoom around the globe to explore photos of their travels or see where they've been taking the most pictures while scrolling through the list.

Google also reminds users that they can edit photo info, tweak location history settings, and set camera location permission for better control over privacy.

Lastly, there's the Library tab containing Albums, Favorites, Trash, and Archive. Users living in Canada, Europe, or the US will also see a Print Store option where they can order photo books, canvas prints, and photo prints of their favorite clicks. The update is expected to hit Android and iOS devices over the next week.