Something to look forward to: Crash Bandicoot is joining the growing list of games branching out to the mobile platform. It comes from a development team with plenty of experience in the field of mobile titles: King, the company behind the Candy Crush series.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run once again features Dr. Neo Cortex as the antagonist seeking to take control of the multiverse. It also lets players take control of Crash’s sister, Coco.

Instead of being a platformer, as was the case with most of the old console games, this Crash outing is part of the Runner genre in the same vein as Temple Run.

The title includes levels that may be familiar to fans, including Temple Ruins, Turtle Woods, and Bear It, and will include secret paths for players to find.

It appears that the free-to-play On the Run will offer more depth to your standard runner game. The trailer promises boss battles (including Scorporilla and Nitrus Brio), character customization, and even weapon crafting. It appears there’s also some light platforming elements and base building, the latter of which sees players creating, customizing, and upgrading bases by collecting rewards and ingredients. You’ll also be able to play with friends. No word on microtransactions, but expect them, given that it's FTP.

No release date has been announced, though you can head over to the game’s website or the Google Play Store to pre-register for an exclusive Blue Hyena Skin as an in-game reward.

Crash and Coco will also be appearing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this October 2 when Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time launches.