In context: Superhot is a multiplatform first-person shooter where time slows to a crawl as long as you are not moving. This time dilation gives the player breathing room to assess the situation and enemies and determine how to proceed. The unique gameplay mechanic is vital for getting past each level as multiple enemies will be attacking simultaneously. The game is equal parts shooter and puzzler.

On Thursday, the developers of the somewhat bizarre, yet entertaining shooter Superhot dropped the reveal trailer for the follow-up---Superhot: Mind Control Delete. The game is a standalone expansion to the time-bending first game, a mashup of the FPS and Puzzle genres.

Mind Control Delete is scheduled to launch next week as a title that is separate from Superhot, so it's not DLC.

"[Our] aim was to give more of [the] Superhot experience to people who already bought it," said the developer Superhot Team (ST). "Mind Control Delete was in development for the past three years, becoming its own thing---a game bigger and bolder than its predecessor."

Despite the scope creep and the expansion taking on a life of its own, ST had always intended to give it away to owners of the original game. That has not changed. The company says that anyone who bought Superhot will receive the sequel for free---in most cases, automatically with no action required by the user.

For those who bought the game through GOG, Steam, Epic Games Store, or the PlayStation Network, Mind Control Delete will simply show up in their library within a few days after launch. Xbox One owners should receive a system notification containing a voucher code to claim the game. For those who bought the game from any other store or platform (Mac or Linux), they will need to email Superhot Team a copy of their receipt to get a voucher. There are a couple of caveats, however.

First, this offer is only good for those that bought Superhot, not to be confused with Superhot VR. Users who obtained the game through a giveaway like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Gold freebies or any other promotion are not eligible. The press release says it has to have been "[legally acquired] and not as part of a free giveaway of any sorts [sic]."

Second, the offer is only available to those who purchased Superhot before Mind Control Delete's release date of July 16, 2020. That means that users have about a week left to pick up the first game to be eligible. Superhot usually sells for $25. Currently, the game is discounted 60 percent on GOG, EGS, Steam and the Microsoft Store. So spending $10 now gets you both titles on PC or Xbox One. It is full price on PSN.

The developer did not mention how much it would be asking for Superhot: Mind Control Delete, but users can expect it to be priced comparatively to the first game, so around $25. The Team also said that it would have "wonderful bundles" available for those who wanted to pick up all three games (Superhot, Superhot VR, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete), but also failed to mention pricing.

Superhot Team anticipated that its launch giveaway might get confusing, so it posted an FAQ for those with any questions regarding eligibility or the voucher requesting process.