In context: We already know that the PlayStation 5 is going to dwarf the current generation of consoles, and it looks like it might be the second-heaviest console of all time, beaten only by Sony's behemoth of a machine: the PlayStation 3.

Redditor u/likkyball spotted a listing for the upcoming PS5 on Amazon's German store. It has the machine's weight down as 4.78 kg, which is a hefty 10.54 pounds. Assuming the listing is accurate, that would make the PS5 one of the heaviest consoles ever.

Anyone who bought a PlayStation 3 might have bad memories of trying to carry the beast home. It weighed 11 pounds---more than twice the weight of the original PS2. The PlayStation 5's 10.54 pounds would place it above the current number two: the chunky, original Xbox, which came in at 8.8 pounds.

There's some debate over whether the listing's weight includes the packaging, but even if it does, the PS5 will likely still be near the top of the heaviest-consoles list---certainly above the fifth-place PS4 Pro (7.3 pounds).

The Xbox Series X, a heavy-set machine that looks more like a PC tower than a traditional console, could also tire your arms with its reported 9.81-pound weight, making it the third-heaviest console behind the PS5.

What's confusing about the listing is that the Digital Edition of the PS5, the one without the Blu-ray disc drive, has the same 10.54-pound weight, which seems very unlikely---the disc-less version of the Xbox One is around a pound lighter than the standard version.

Whether or not the weight listing is accurate, we know all the extra hardware and cooling means the PS5 is going to be quite the unit. It's still a baby next to some enthusiast PC cases, of course, such as the Corsair Obsidian 1000D, which could double as a small domicile.