Editor's take: Today Google buzzed that it has three new Stadia exclusive games coming but was elusive as to what these games might be. One of Stadia's biggest weaknesses is the lack of games that cannot be played anywhere else. Unique titles sell consoles, and it should be no different for a streaming service that is essentially competing with the PC market. So new titles only available on Stadia would be a good thing, as long as they aren't all timed exclusives.

Google just held its Stadia Connect live stream, part of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest. The company shared that it had picked up a few of new Stadia exclusives and had updates on other titles in the pipe.

The Stadia team did not reveal much about the upcoming exclusives other than to say that Harmonix, Uppercut, and Supermassive Games are working on them. Harmonix is known for the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises, so a musically inclined rhythm game is likely coming from it.

Supermassive is best known for horror game Until Dawn. It is also working on the next Dark Pictures Anthology installment titled "Little Hope"—another title in the horror genre. Although the studio has also worked on lighter fare, like LittleBigPlant DLCs and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Google referred to the studio as "the masters of horror gaming," so something scary is probably on the slate.

Lastly, Uppercut Games has a Stadia exclusive project in the works. This one is a real mystery. The studio, consisting of former Bioshock developers, has been all over the place with its games. Cutesy mobile title Danger Dodgers comes to mind. However, more serious works like Epoch and Submerged seem more fitting to the Stadia experience.

Two other timed exclusives were revealed, including Outcasters from studio Splash Damage and Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die 3.

If you missed the Stadia Connect presentation, you can watch it above. There is also some non-exclusive content coming to Stadia, including The Elder Scrolls Online next expansion, Stonethorn coming August 24.