Rumor mill: How great would a remastered Mass Effect trilogy be on next-generation hardware? Mass Effect is a game so fondly remembered that fans are still replaying it after 13 years. Rumors floating around for about a month or two indicate Bioware is indeed working on a trilogy remake. Now an expanded art book from Dark Horse is adding some meat the proverbial bone.

A listing popped up today on Amazon's storefront and has fueled speculation that Bioware may be working on a remastered Mass Effect trilogy. The product page is for an expanded Mass Effect coffee table book called "The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy: Expanded Edition." The original art book, published by Dark Horse Books, was released in February 2012 just a month before Mass Effect 3 launched.

According to the Amazon listing, the expanded version adds "hundreds of never before seen works of art, [including] extensive new material from the DLCs for all three games---including the award-winning 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' from Mass Effect 2 and the fan-favorite 'Citadel' from Mass Effect 3."

Neither Bioware nor EA has announced a remake of the outstanding trilogy. Likewise, Dark Horse has not revealed it was working on an expanded art collection. That said, it is interesting that Amazon lists the book's release as March 23, 2021. This date is strikingly close to the "late March 2021" speculation floating around regarding the possible remaster.

As rumors go, inadvertent postings on Amazon have generally panned out to be right (or at least close) in the past. So it is quite likely Dark Horse does have something in the works. Whether this "confirms" a remastered trilogy is a whole other ball of wax. So far, the speculation has been entirely unsubstantiated and has been challenged by others. You'll want to keep your expectations in check on this one.

However, a remaster of all three Mass Effect games (Andromeda be shunned) on a hardware generation that is potentially twice removed sounds absolutely delicious. It would also make a most excellent apology for the Andromeda debacle. We can only cross our fingers.