In context: Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that its Summer Game Fest event would have around 60 demos for users to try. The expo launched on Tuesday, and Microsoft updated its demo count to more than 70 unreleased games.

The first 15 Xbox One demos should be showing up on players' Xbox Dashboard. Many of these titles are still in early production, so expect some rough edges. A lot of them have not even been officially announced until today.

A quick look at some of the studios shows that they are almost exclusively independent projects. Developers like Punk Notion, Dawdling Dog, Chickopie Games, and others are making their gaming debut.

This list of the first 15 demos should already be on your dashboard or will be very soon.

  • Ars Fabulae (Punk Notion)
  • Back to Belt (Mauricio Felippe)
  • Darkestville Castle (Epic Llama)
  • Ephemeral Tale (Dawdling Dog, ltd.)
  • Fractal Space (Haze Games)
  • Galacide (Puny Human)
  • Kaze and the Wild Masks (PixelHive)
  • Mars Power Industries Deluxe (7A Games)
  • Pixel Skater (Chickopie Games)
  • Seasons of the Samurai (TopView Studio)
  • Skycadia (Studio Nisse LLC)
  • Space Otter Charlie (Wayward Distractions)
  • The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines (tinyDino)
  • The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav (Daedalic Entertainment)
  • The Dark Eye: Memoria (Daedalic Entertainment)

In the coming days, Xbox users will gain access to more demos, including Black Forest Games' "Destroy All Humans!" remake, "Raji: An Ancient Epic" from Nodding Heads Games, "The Vale: Shadow of the Crown" develolped by Falling Squirrel Inc, and Cradle Games' RPG "Hellpoint." You can view a full list in Xbox's press release.

These demos will only be up for a limited time. Microsoft's event is being held from now, July 21, through July 27. After that, the trial games will be taken off the network. However, in its previous announcement, Xbox said that some of them might reappear later as their development becomes more solidified.

As a reminder, right in the middle of the demo event, on July 23, Microsoft will hold its Xbox Series X game showcase, featuring upcoming next-generation games from its first-party studios. So be sure to catch that if you are itching for some XBSX action.