In context: Longtime gamers can attest to the fact that impressive graphics alone can only take a title so far. Whether it is a compelling story, an outstanding soundtrack, unique modes of play, exceptional replay value or some combination of those elements, for a game to truly stand out from the crowd, it needs more than just eye candy. Alt254 from indie developer Rename Studio takes that idea to the extreme.

In this unique open-world adventure and action game, you play as a pixel tasked with exploring the minimalist environment around you. As the trailer highlights, you'll solve puzzles, decipher mysteries and battle enemies along the way.

Some will appear hidden behind cryptic messages, but in other cases you will have to scan every pixel on the map to find them. There are also those who say that the terrain around you has some secret...

Games like Minecraft and Terraria have proven that there is a market for pixelated art titles although neither have de-emphasized advanced graphics as dramatically as Alt254.

It's a neat concept for sure but I hope the devs didn't focus too heavily on that one aspect to the point where it restricts gameplay or reduces the overall fun factor. That doesn't appear to be the case but we won't know for sure until we get a chance to try it out first hand.

Alt254 is expected to launch sometime later this year according to its Steam profile.