Rumor mill: As the next-gen console approach release, hype is beginning to build, and so are the rumors. Someone has supposedly played games on a white Xbox Series X and posted a picture of the controller to "prove" it. The picture and the poster mysteriously disappeared shortly after. Could this mean that users will have two color options?

It appears that Microsoft might have a white version of the Xbox Series X up its sleeve if a leak is to be believed. On Sunday, a Redditor posted a picture of a white Xbox-branded controller that looks to be the same design as the already revealed XBSX gamepad.

The poster going by "Wolfy_Wizzardo" has since deleted the post and his account. The Verge notes that the poster claimed to have taken the picture in Washington at a party. The host of the shindig was supposedly the child of a Microsoft employee. Before the account's deletion, Wolfy had made numerous posts indicating he lived in the Seattle area. Redmond is only a 20-minute drive from Seattle on the other side of Lake Washington, so his story is plausible.

It is also interesting that his entire account was deleted rather than just the post. Could it have been pressure from his friend or the parents that put the fear of God into him? Maybe the Men in Black got to him. Who's to say.

Regardless of whether the leak is a legit or a hoax, don't get your hopes up on getting your hands on a white Xbox Series X. Microsoft has a history of issuing white consoles exclusively to employees working on the project as a perk. White Xbox Ones started showing up on eBay starting at $1,800 back in 2014. So snagging a similar XBSX will likely cost you.

However, there is a sliver of hope if you would prefer a white next-gen Xbox. Sony recently revealed the PlayStation 5's mostly white design. This aesthetic is a departure from its standard black that has been the console's trademark since the original PlayStation's debut as a light gray box in 1994.

It's worth noting that the Xbox One S came in white. So who knows, maybe Microsoft has taken a cue and is ready to offer two color choices in addition to its rumored Xbox Series S (Lockhart). Just don't hold your breath.