Why it matters: For many years, game demos were all but non-existent, especially for AA and AAA titles. However, Valve has managed to bring the concept back for PC users through its regular "Game Festival" events, which have collectively offered up hundreds of game demos for players to dive into. Now, we finally know when the next Festival will roll around.

The Autumn Edition of the Steam Game Festival is kicking off this fall: on October 7, to be more specific. It ends roughly a week later on October 13, according to well-known industry figure Geoff Keighley. Keighley didn't mention any other details about the Festival, but we can make some assumptions based on past, similar events.

As we mentioned before, the last Game Festival featured hundreds of demos for players to try. There were over 900 playable demos in the Summer Game Festival and dozens in prior events. Some of the demos are still playable today, but most of them were time-limited, so players were forced to prioritize the demos that interested them the most. We expect the latter trend to continue in October, for better or worse.

It's unclear exactly how many demos will be available in the Autumn Game Festival, but we hope Valve goes for a more realistic number when the time comes. A week simply isn't long enough to sift through hundreds of demos. Even a few dozen would likely be too much for the average user to consume in that timeframe, but it would at least be more manageable (not to mention easier for Valve to curate).

We look forward to seeing what games will be showcased this time around, and we'll let you know as soon as we have more information about the event.