Editor's take: As millions of people have found out the hard way, working from home isn't necessarily all it is cracked up to be. It is one thing to exhibit discipline and keep yourself away from distractions in an empty house but it's another beast entirely to try and be productive with kids or a significant other actively roaming around and vying for your attention. Having a space that is all your own and strictly for working could be just what you need to help get through the pandemic.

Many have been tasked with setting up a home office for the first time this year. What originally seemed like a short-term solution has since morphed into a semi-permanent fixture and one Japanese tech giant wants to help make it a bit more... office like?

Panasonic recently announced Komoru, an all-in-one desk that also doubles as an office cubicle of sorts. The unique product is meant to be placed in a corner or against a wall and creates a semi-private work environment for one thanks to its integrated partitions.

The desk features a dark gray pattern while the "walls" are constructed of a lighter-colored pegboard-style material that offers all sorts of versatility with regard to hanging decorations and storing accessories like headphones or cables.

Panasonic said the all-in-one can effectively create a work space measuring roughly one square meter.

Panasonic's Komoru launches on September 18, 2020, priced at 88,000 yen, or around $835.