Editor's take: I know some people that have spent a lot of money on Steam to amass large gaming libraries, but have you ever stopped to wonder just how much it would cost to acquire everything on Steam? Not just the games, but literally everything Steam has to offer including DLC, soundtracks, art books and the like. I’ve personally never even thought to consider it but fortunately for us, others have.

Chenggang Wang created a site that scrapes Steam and automatically compiles a daily list of how much it would cost to acquire everything the store currently offers.

Per the most recent update on September 13, you’d need to shell out $521,909.63 to buy everything on Steam. Excluding any discounts from sales, it’d be $537,192.37.

Sure, that’s a lot of money, but it’s somehow not nearly as much as I would have guessed. For some reason, I was thinking it would take well over a million bucks to acquire Steam’s entire catalogue.

What’s more, if you wait until a major sales event like the Steam Summer Sale, you can save a significant amount of money. During the most recent mega sale, the cost of the entire library dipped down to around $333,000, from about $518,000.

That leads to the natural next question of, what is considered a large Steam library? 100 titles, over 200? How many have you compiled over the years?