Highly anticipated: With AMD’s Zen 3 and Radeon 6000 event just a few weeks away, the company has finally released the first official image of the latter, aka Big Navi. And as the name suggests, it’s a total beast.

Tech fans’ attention has been focused on Nvidia and its exciting line of Ampere cards since their announcement at the start of the month. Now, though, AMD is trying to spoil the party. Team Red last week confirmed that its hugely anticipated Zen 3 processors series would be unveiled on October 8 at 12 pm ET with the RDNA 2-based Radeon 6000 series reveal on October 28 at 12pm ET.

AMD Radeon tweeted our first look at the Radeon 6000 series yesterday, showing off its brand-new design. The company had previously used to Fortnite to tease the cards, and the battle royale title is once again being utilized by AMD to promote Big Navi—you can take a closer look at the Radeon 6000 on its own Fortnite Creative Island using the code 8651-9841-1639.

AMD didn’t reveal any specs, though the card on show—likely the series flagship—is of the triple-fan variety, much like the Radeon VII, so it’ll be big. It uses 2 x 8-pin PCIe power connectors; combined with the PCIe slot, that means this Radeon 6000 (Radeon RX 6900X?) can consume 375W. Exactly how much power it will require is unknown.

Thanks to tech analyst Anshel Sag, we can get a better look at the card’s ports. There’s one HDMI port (almost certainly 2.1), two DisplayPort outputs (expect 1.4), and a USB-type C, though it doesn’t appear to be Thunderbolt 3.

We’ll discover more about the Radeon 6000 series, including its price and performance compared to Ampere, on October 28.