WTF?! There are dozens of wall charger projects hosted on Kickstarter right now, but Hyper's unique, stackable design for its new HyperJuice 65W and 100W GaN models certainly stands out among the rest. Featuring a built-in plug in each brick rated at 1500W, Hyper says that users can stack up to 16 of its 100W models on top of each other for a whopping 1600W of passthrough power, giving them access to 48 USB-C ports and 16 USB-A ports. Provided your wall socket and wiring is up to the task, Hyper says you'd no longer have to fight with coworkers over a lack of power outlets.

Hyper initially made headlines two years ago when it launched the "world's most powerful USB-C battery pack." The company has recently returned to Kickstarter with a campaign for its new HyperJuice 65W/100W stackable GaN chargers.

The use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) tech, as seen in the similarly crowdfunded Chargeasap's 200W Omega charger, enables the HyperJuice models to deliver more power more efficiently and with a smaller footprint than silicon-based offerings.

The addition of a built-in plug, however, allows for a stackable design that not only gives back the outlet in which the charger was plugged but can also make for the ultimate tower of power should you decide to stack a dozen of these on top of each other.

Hyper says that up to sixteen 100W models, each with its 3 x USB-C and 1 x USB-A ports, can be stacked for a max power passthrough of 1600W. The smaller 65W model, meanwhile, offers 2 x USB-C and a single USB-A port that's capable of charging a laptop, tablet, and phone simultaneously.

Companies like to remind users how their innovative, portable wall adapters compare in size to the smallest of objects, and Hyper is no different. It's HyperJuice GaN chargers are sized similar to a box of mints with the 65W measuring 2.83" x 1.42" x 1.2 " and the 100W version measuring 3.36" x 1.77" x 1.20".

With over 3,400 backers as of writing, Hyper has easily sailed past its $100,000 funding goal and has secured over $376,000 in pledges with 27 days to go. It's expecting these units to hit retail sometime next year priced at $80 for the 65W model and $100 for the 100W model.

Although Hyper has run out of the 50 percent early-bird discount, those interested in getting a stackable power brick can still pledge for one of the several Kickstarter Special offers to get 40 percent off the retail price.