Editor's take: The Medium's dual realms open the door for some very creative gameplay. If successful, the mechanic could take the horror genre in a whole new direction. After years of zombies and cheap jump scares, a change of pace would be refreshing.

Bloober Team on Friday published a new teaser for The Medium, an upcoming psychological horror game from the Polish developer best known for their work on Layers of Fear, Observer and Blair Witch.

In The Medium, gamers will assume the role of Marianne, a medium that can traverse between our world and the spirit realm, which looks a lot like The Upside Down from Stranger Things. What's unique about the game is that both worlds can be rendered, displayed and interacted with simultaneously with no visible load times.

At different points in the game, players will find themselves playing in either of the worlds, or within both at the same time, with the game purposefully designed in this way to ensure variety and surprise.

The idea is to highlight how a change in perspective can change your perception of something, revealing truths that were not previously seen.

Bloober Team came up with the idea for the game in 2012 but had to put the project on ice for several years as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U simply weren't able to render two realms at the same time.

The Medium is slated to launch on December 10 for Xbox Series X / S and Windows PC.