In brief: Disco Elysium was one of the best titles of 2019. Its appeal comes from the game's narrative and dialogue rather than any cutting-edge graphics, allowing the creation of an entertaining Game Boy port that can be played in-browser, on mobile, and even through one of Nintendo's 8-bit handhelds.

To celebrate Disco Elysium's first anniversary, a Nintendo Game Boy version has been developed by UI/graphic designer Colin Brannan alongside GB Studio. The graphics have been remade in the style of classic Game Boy RPGs such as the Final Fantasy series and Legend of Zelda.

The Game Boy incarnation is a shortened section from the PC version that cuts back on the dialogue, and the 24 skills have been gathered into their four categories. Players do get to choose an archetype, and the dice rolling mechanism has been altered: failed rolls give you +1 to the applicable skill cap, while successful rolls add +1 that skill.

For those who want the most authentic experience possible, you can download the ROM and install it on a flash cartridge to play on an actual Game Boy.

Nintendo's classic device isn't the only handheld that will be able to play Disco Elysium. The multi-award-winning RPG is coming to the Nintendo Switch, though we still don't know precisely when; developer ZA/UM hasn't given any updates since announcing it would "happen soon" in April.

Back in May, Disco Elysium received an update that allowed it to run on the most potato-like of PCs, requiring only an Intel Core 2 Duo, integrated graphics, and 2GB of RAM. It also works on MacBook Pros, iMacs, and Mac Minis made from 2009.