In brief: Game consoles have evolved over the years, morphing from purpose-built machines into true multi-purpose platforms. For many, modern consoles double as streaming set-top box replacements and that's not going to change when next-gen systems launch early next month.

Sony on Thursday announced the launch day lineup of entertainment streaming apps that'll be available on the PlayStation 5 out of the box.

Phil Rosenberg, head of global partner development and relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed that Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube will be among the apps available on launch day. Additional offerings including Hulu, Peacock, MyCanal and Amazon Prime Video are also in the pipeline although specific launch dates for these apps weren't provided.

Rosenberg reiterated that users will no longer need to download entertainment apps through the PS Store. Instead, the PS5 will have dedicated game and media spaces that'll "make it fast and easy to switch between gaming and entertainment content whenever you want."

Sony is also pitching a new media remote featuring dedicated launch buttons for Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Disney+. It's available to pre-order now priced at $29.99 and launches on October 30.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is scheduled to launch on November 12. Pricing is set at $399 for the digital only variant and $499 for a model with a Blu-ray disc drive.

Masthead credit: Wachiwit