What just happened? Nintendo will soon be slashing the price of individual Joy-Con controllers. The Nintendo of America Twitter account on Friday confirmed that starting November 9, the price of a single Joy-Con controller - either the left Joy-Con in neon blue or the right in neon red - will drop to $39.99 (originally $49.99).

I suppose that is welcome news for someone looking to replace a lost or broken Joy-Con but for those in the market for a full set (both left and right units), they've always been sold together for $79.99.

Occasionally (like right now), you can find a pair of Switch Joy-Con controllers on sale. Amazon has two on offer for $69 in a variety of colorways.

The price cut may also be in response to the ongoing Joy-Con drift issue, which has been well documented thus far. As of earlier this month, Nintendo was facing three class-action lawsuits over the matter, all of which were still pending.

The controversy has done little to slow down the Switch's momentum in 2020.

In its latest earnings report (from August), Nintendo revealed it had sold 61.44 million Switch consoles worldwide since launching in March 2017. Analysts also believe the Switch will be the best-selling console this holiday season, despite new offerings launching next month from Microsoft, Sony and Atari.

Masthead credit: skvalval