In context: Microsoft's Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar tool isn't incredible popular, but it has its uses. When enabled, Game Bar acts as an alternative to some other overlay software, such as Nvidia's In-Game Overlay. It lets you record your games, talk to your Xbox friends, and even monitor basic PC vitals like CPU and GPU usage.

Obviously, there's plenty of standalone software that can accomplish these same tasks, but it can be handy to have access to all these functions without needing to Alt+Tab out of a game.

If you are one of the people that use Xbox Game Bar avidly, you'll be pleased to hear that it's about to get considerably better. Starting today, those with the newest version of Windows 10 can begin enjoying an entirely new Game Bar widget (toggle-able, of course): Resources.

The Resources widget gives you a task-manager-like view of exactly what programs are eating up your system's GPU, CPU, RAM, and Disk bandwidth. You can even end the troublesome tasks from this widget, again bypassing the need to Alt+Tab out and do the same thing through other means.

Microsoft has also updated the Performance widget, so it should now "accurately monitor" GPU Utilization and VRAM usage. As always, you can adjust the widget's settings to tell Game Bar which metrics you want to track, and which ones you could care less about.