Spooky sales: Epic and GOG have both launched their Halloween sales already, and now Steam is showing up to the party – albeit fashionably late. As one of the world's most popular PC digital distribution platforms, though, "better late than never" certainly applies here. Starting today and stretching up to November 2, you can sink your teeth into hefty discounts on a wide variety of spooky games.

Though Steam doesn't have any special meta events going on this time – it's probably saving those for the upcoming Winter Sale – it does have a new Halloween sale page that closely resembles Steam's main storefront. The key differences lie in the games you'll find there, as well as the overall design.

In the background of the Sale page, you'll see the ghostly visage of two specters, seemingly husband and wife. The entire page swaps out Steam's traditional blues and grays for sickly shades of green. All in all, it looks quite good, and thanks to some new Halloween-themed additions to Steam's Points Shop, you can keep some of the creepy designs with you even after the sale ends, in the form of profile backgrounds, avatars, and more.

Now, since Steam has an absolutely ridiculous amount of games in its catalog, many of which are on sale today, we can't possibly cover them all. However, we'll do our best to draw attention to some stand-outs, beginning with Blasphemous, the brutal, Metroidvania action-platformer in which pain and torture are the accepted norm.

You'll hack and slash your way through a nightmarish world with diseased, injured, and otherwise ghastly enemies to fight off. Put simply, if you have a strong stomach, perhaps Blasphemous' semi-retro visuals and $13 price tag (50 percent off) might just be enough to grab your attention.

If you're in the mood for something a little more mainstream, consider taking a look at the Resident Evil 2 remaster, which is 60 percent off today, dropping the price down to a mere $16 from $40.

Or, delve into the stylized wilds of Don't Starve Together with your friends, attempting to.. well.. not starve, ideally. Each copy of DST will run you $5.09 for the duration of the Halloween Sale, making it the perfect cheap seasonal gift for your pals.

If slower-paced games aren't your cup of tea, then give Doom Eternal a look: at $30 (50 percent off), the game is as cheap as it's ever been, and if its thousands of rave reviews are anything to go by, id Software's latest demon-slaying romp is well worth your hard-earned cash.

As far as more modest discounts go, Remedy's surreal shooter Control (the Ultimate Edition) is 30 percent off at $27.99, and the always-excellent Half-Life: Alex can be snagged for $44.99, which is 25 percent off its usual price tag.

Then there's Death Stranding, which is $41.99 (down from $60) – if you haven't tried that yet, we highly recommend doing so, especially if you have one of Nvidia's RTX GPUs. The game has one of the best implementations of DLSS 2.0 we've ever seen, and it's quite pretty to boot.

Again, Steam's Halloween Sale ends on November 2 at 10AM PT, so be sure to stop by the storefront to see what's on offer sometime over the next week.