Something to look forward to: When players think of realism in video games, their mind probably goes to titles like Kingdom Come: Deliverance or the ARMA series. However, the developers behind upcoming card sim Poker Club feel they should have a seat at that table as well. To accomplish that goal, Ripstone Games has decided to add real-time ray tracing effects to the game.

Since the game, which takes place mostly in first-person, aims to be the "most immersive poker simulator" ever created, it's perhaps not surprising to see Ripstone include support for next-gen visual tech.

We're not sure exactly how many ray traced features will be included in Poker Club, but game director Phil Gaskell says players can expect real-time reflections and shadows, at the very least. You can see some of those effects in action through the gameplay walkthrough above.

Since Gaskell chose a less flashy interior for the walkthrough, Poker Club's ray tracing features aren't really being put through their paces. However, the glossy wood trim surrounding the outer edge of the playing table certainly looks nice, especially as it reflects the movements of each players hands and the cards themselves.

Notably, ray traced reflections and shadows will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X, too; not just PC.

Poker Club will offer users a variety of different ways to play, and a plethora of settings to play in – each with its own vibe, soundtrack, lighting, and table style. In the gameplay walkthrough above, the club interior seeks to evoke an 80's aesthetic, with its neon lights, "bold" furniture, soft interior lighting, and, of course, the lava lamp on the table.

I'm no poker expert myself, so most of tricks, strategies, and movements showcased in Gaskell's gameplay demonstration went over my head. However, if you know your card games, be sure to keep an eye on Poker Club when it launches on November 19.

It's expected to release on both current and next-gen consoles (in addition to PC) but Ripstone Games hasn't announced a price yet.